Negroes In Black Like Me

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In the book “Black Like Me” by Howard Griffin, a journalist goes through the times of the 1950s where blacks were not treated equally. In this book Griffin turns himself black with chemicals prescribed by a doctor and lives the life of a negro. He then leaves his family, and starts his journal accounts of his negro life. In this book Griffin changes his perspective of how negroes really were, despite what he learned from others. During his journey he faced many hardships, sufferings, and inequalities. Once his journey was over and he published his book which led to many questions raised about how negroes were really treated. This is because Griffin displayed all the unfairness and treatments in his journal and publicized it to the world on what really happened in the South. In the beginning of the book, Griffin first established the word “niggers” plastered on every sign.Yet the signs had different meanings, such as no blacks, while others meant negroes allowed, but separate from whites. Although these signs were mostly pointed towards the bathroom, negroes had to walk miles to use it. Yet, public places were a different…show more content…
I felt that he was the change that negroes needed to expose the treacherous laws in the South. He really showed the truth of the outrageous laws that supposedly the supported the negroes since they were now free. Although, by doing this he showed the ways of publicizing problems to the world so people can come in and try to help. If it was not for Griffin other people would not really know the truth of the negroes. With his written journal accounts at hand he teaches a valuable lesson. Don’t believe what everybody has to say. You should go out and found out for yourself because everybody is not going to tell the truth. By doing this he help raise attention to the negroes and change their life for the
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