Themes Of Conflict In Frozen

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War is a destructive and deadly way to settle a problem between two opposing forces. For example, in World War II countries were destroyed and countless deaths took place because of conflict within our society and ourselves. While not all conflict is that large in scale, it is still very present in our world and unavoidable; it is a part of human nature. The novel Frozen, authored by Melissa de la Cruz, shows that this applies to the fiction world as well. Frozen is based in a dystopian future where the Earth is experiencing constant in sub-zero weather and the United States is under martial law. There are also certain people who are “marked,” which means that they are cursed with mage-like powers and are highly hunted by the government. De la Cruz uses these different potential problems to create an entire novel based on conflict. She uses four different types of conflict- person versus self, person versus society, person versus person, and person versus nature- to develop its theme and push the plot forward.
The first type of conflict that the author shows the readers, person versus self, is introduced early on in the pages. The audience can see an example of this in the beginning of the book when main character Natasha Kestal explained that she has an unknown voice that speaks to her in her head. This voice, who she calls the “monster”, tries to convince her to participate in evil tasks such as murder and theft. Natasha later on discovered that the voice she is hearing
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