Themes Of Cybercrime

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CYBERCRIME Themes: Cybercrime Network Security Hacking Identify Theft Niklas Haak, Raffael Bausch, Phil Lehner, Tom Albersmann Cybercrime Crimes that involves network and computer is called „Cybercrime“.“Hacking“, “Copyright infringement” ,Unwarranted mass-surveillance”, “Child pornography”, “Child grooming“ are themes that have become high-profile. Computer crime includes a wide range of activities. The enumerated are just a small piece of the diversity of cybercrime. The reason why cybercrime is becoming more popular is that the risk is very low. The now it is profitable when they for example hack networks or steal important information they could sell. More an user knows that and start Criminal activities on the internet. In…show more content…
According to the Norton Cybercrime, men become more often victims of cybercrime then woman. But all in all everyone who has a mobile, Wi-Fi hotpot or social networks, could getting a victim. Nobody is totally safe. For example when you buy something in online shops and pay before you get your goods and after a moth your goods are not still there and you ask were they are and you get no answer then its possible you are a victim of cybercrime. So before you buy things on the internet you have to make sure that the page you would buy something is serious. Cybercrime is so dangerous because more and more people make their finances online and have saved the passwords on the PC. So hacker have the full control and can steal the money. But could also become a offender as fast as you could become a victim. When you download music form Internet platforms or stream online series it is a cybercrime but not so bad like hacking the government or something like this. For such a crime you get punished with high fines or a imprisonment. You have to care which internet platforms you use because when the police find out that you use illegal internet platform and you…show more content…
Hacking is unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is generally referred to as a hacker. This hacker may alter system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose. What do the hackers want? The fact that most attacks by hackers today are no longer for pastime or for fun, has long been known. As a rule, it is about making money, except the attacks on companies and governments are politically motivated. In order to earn money, hackers have to work efficiently and select their target carefully. There are a lot of various types of hackers. Professional criminals make up the majority of the hacker community. They use malicious programs and exploits to steal money.Spam and adware distributors earn their money through illegal advertising. Either these are paid by a company that wants to boost its sales or the distributors sell their own products.It's nothing new to use company spies. The only difference to earlier is that it is much easier nowadays to spy on other companies because almost all companies are connected to the Internet. The spies usually want to receive business secrets and competitive information.In the cyber war, a state fights against another state with the aim of destroying the opponent or causing him at least considerable damage. Participants can act as APTs or corporate spies, but everything that these people learn ultimately serves the

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