Themes Of Death In Badami's 'The Hero's Walk'

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Badami’s The Hero’s Walk tells the tale of the tragic death of Maya and her husband Alan in a car crash in Canada. We have only Nandana to replace her mother’s position in Sripathi’s family as a granddaughter in India. The novel is about Sripathi, his wife Nirmala and their family relationship, conveys the lives of impoverished Brahmin people living in India and it also talks about traumatized child, Nandana, who loses her family suddenly in an accident and reluctant to adopt her grandparents, their culture, tradition, surroundings and old values, which seems to be very different from her. Though she lives and grown up from the modern world, Canada that makes struggle to have a relationship with her mother’s family.
Maya’s death haunts the normal lives of her family members with her ghostly presence. Sripathi and Nirmala are reminded of their past life through memories of Maya. Maya is the daughter of Sripathi and Nirmala, who obtained the chance to win a scholarship to pursue her higher education in Canada. When she wins a scholarship, Sripathi is proud about Maya. She is the one who fulfils her father’s desire. At that moment, Nirmala expresses her concern saying: “This scholarship and all is fine, but more important is marriage” (98), but Sripathi does not agree with Nirmala’s reservation. He says to Nirmala “Let her study, she has a good brain. She might even go in for medicine, who knows? Our Maya is smart, she can take care of herself . . . at least she would be

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