Themes Of Discrimination In Afloat On The Ohio And Poem Willow Grave

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The Evils of Discrimination On page 100 in Afloat on the Ohio and poem Willow Grave 's and picture of family on the porch, in their way, they each show bias towards the low income but hard working class known as "Crackers" and "Negros" (Down the River 100). All these actions demonstrate the discrimination of anyone put into this category. We will be talking about a couple of different areas. Discrimination just doesn 't happen at what we call home. It happens all over. We are going to be talking about a small Southern Town, a coal miner 's town, and a poor neighborhood. The one thing they had in common, is they are all being hard-working people that live there, the sad thing is it didn 't matter. Discrimination doesn 't matter the color of your skin, or your hair, the clothes you wear, or how hard you work. It happens all over, and it is pure evil.…show more content…
He is using terms flabby or too lean to describe the people 's faces. These negative comments show a sign that he has let his racist 's feelings prejudge the people before having the opportunity to get to know them. The negative comments are used to tear others down and to build others up. People were afraid to take the time to get to know someone because they didn 't want others to discriminate against them. He looked down on the white slaves even though they could eventually pay off their debt and no longer be a
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