Themes Of Edgar Allan Poe And The Masque Of The Red Death

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Childhood Tragedies and Poems
From not having a father in his life to losing his mom to Tuberculosis at the age of two and being separated from his brother and sister, one might say that Edgar Allan Poe has had a terrible life. Poe was placed in foster care and later on was adopted by John and Frances Allan. The Allan’s gave Poe a childhood that he had never had before. However, as one might already know, something bad always happens to Poe. Sadly, John disowned Poe after he was discharged from the military for neglect of duty. It might be true that Poe had a terrible life, but all of the tragedies that he endured gave his life a purpose. He was able to use them to write magnificent stories and poems. One might even say that his poems are the mirror his own life. Poe uses the tragic experiences of his childhood as a theme in his works, “Annabel Lee” and “The Masque of the Red Death.”
Edgar Allan Poe’s poems are not like others, they are mysterious and have life stories applied to them. Many of Poe’s writings talk about love and loss, such as his poem “Annabel Lee”. The soul of his writing is based off on love and death of a beautiful young girl named Annabel Lee. Throughout the poem “Annabel Lee” Poe talks about the loss of Annabel Lee “And [how] neither the angels in Heaven above/ Nor the demons down under the sea/ Can ever dissever my soul from the soul/ Of the beautiful Annabel Lee; (Poe, “Annabel Lee” 30-33). Poe is saying that no angels or demons can take away his
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