Themes Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most important poets and writers in America. He was described as a romantic poet, but he wrote also poems, poetical lyrics, he was the first to invent the detective story and he developed the science fiction. He was against a philosophical inclination: The transcendentalism, who believed in the existence of a transcendent or spiritual energy that generated all reality and held it in unity. Poe, instead, thought that all was characterised by an obsessive imagination. This thing was also underlined by the fact that he had a difficult life, the writer was a rebellious child and he had an unstable nature. In his poems he certainly took inspiration from Gothic literature, in particular he didn’t obtain from Gothic tendency the typical Gothic setting for example castles or spectacular settings, but the key words mysteries, horrid and distressing, the main themes of his poems. The main theme of his writing was always death until extreme consequences like the story Bernice, who had entered into a cataclysm after having had an epileptic attack, she had been buried alive, and later, as the protagonist had hoped for in his fantasies, he had taken the teeth off. This story had a dramatic final like the other stories in the book Tales of Mystery and imagination, who had the same tragically ending and are characterized by mystery, imagination and madness of the main characters. Bernice, the main character of this story, married his cousin Egaeus, who
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