Themes Of Ghosts In Bahia De La Luna

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Have you ever moved to a play that had a dark history behind it? Well, the book Ghosts has that and much more behind it. Catrina and her family move to the coast North California because her little sister is very sick with cystic fibrosis.To make it all worse Cat hates the fact that she has to leave her friends for the a new town called Bahia de la Luna (Bay of the Moon). When the girls explore their new home a neighbor lets them in on a little big secret. The secret was that there are ghosts in Bahia de la luna. Ever since Maya was determined to meet one of them but Cat wants nothing to do with them. As the time of year comes when ghosts are allowed to reunite with their families. Cat has to figure out how she can get over her fear of ghosts for her little sister stake and for her own. Can you imagine seeing a ghost for the first time in your life and interacting with one? Any person in this generation would think you were crazy but not Caterina. When Carlos told her and her sister that ghosts were by the missions they were so eager to see them. “Maya is going to be so…show more content…
The most important setting in the novel is when Carlos took Cat and Maya to the missions to see if some ghosts would be there but, when the bottle of soda that Carlos gives to Maya to make the ghosts like her but when it drops to the floor the ghost’s start to make it harder for Maya to breath. “Get away from her you can’t have her breath she needs it we have got to get her to the hospital ” ( Telgemeier 101). I don’t think Maya was in any way trying to make the ghosts angry at her is just happened. “Smash. Gasp. MAYA !!!!” (Telgemeier 99). The reason why this setting is important to the character is because that is the best and worst time in Mays’s life. Who can say the exact words I have seen an actual ghost before. She could have died but the will always be one of the most memorable moments in her whole
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