Themes Of Goodnight Mr Tom

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"Goodnight Mister Tom" is a book written by Michelle Magorian. It embodies a great lesson and consists of various themes but it's main focus on a historical fiction.It involves young evacuees being dispatched to new homes all throughout Britain,in attempt to survive the savage war. William Beech,a fearful eight year old boy was sent to live with a bad-tempered,grumpy,old man who's name is Tom Oakley.As the book flourishes,gradually Mr.Tom accepts the fact that a afraid,small boy is now living in the same household as him.Tom has had a very troublesome past,losing his wife and son,therefore because of that he is a different man,it proves he was happy before the losses,but for 40 years that heartless man hasn't changed,nevertheless with Willie's…show more content…
On the first night Willie sleeps in Mister Tom’s cottage he accidentally douses the sheets with urine,the expected reaction would most likely be a punishment but Tom’s reaction was far from normal,he accepted it and understood him,‘In the morning Tom found him huddled under the bed.The sheets were drenched in urine.He stripped them off the mattress and carried willie down the living room.’.Tom knew the helpless boy was petrified,therefore shouting and yelling would’t help.Even though his atrabilious instincts may have caught in,he held that in,his harsh side uncovered and his soft side was now present.Their bond grew so colossally,that when Will traveled back to London Tom felt the boy was in trouble,consequently he got the train to London and successfully found Willie locked on a under the stairs,in a meager room ‘One night he awoke violently from a nightmare.In the dream,he had been locked into a tiny space with no air inside.It was as though he was being buried alive.But was the voice that had woken him.He thought he had heard William calling for help.’They shared so much love,they filled each other’s missing pieces,therefore they now felt for each other if anything happened to William,Tom would do anything to get things back to
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