Themes Of Individual Action And Fate In Oedipus Rex

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In Oedipus Rex, both themes of individual action and fate strongly play and overlap each other and ultimately help in determining the overall destruction and demise of the king, further analysis of the play shows that free will itself and the actions that Oedipus takes determines his own downfall due to flawed characteristic traits that if were happen to not exist would lead to a totally different end product and outcome. Oedipus possesses free will, and even though the Oracle predicted his fate, prophecy, and what he will do, his drive for knowledge and unveiling these prophecies merely helped it all become a reality. Throughout the play, it is evident that Oedipus is not only ignorant and temperamental, but he also goes through life with an impulsive nature and an indefatigable, remorseless, and persistent attitude to find out the truth. Oedipus’s flawed character aspects and traits undividedly contributed to his destruction despite the suggestions and warnings of many such as Creon, Jocasta, and the Oracle, that he let the pursuit go. The whole time he had the free will to discontinue the search but made the conscious decision not to. An example of a character trying to warn and stop Oedipus from pursuing the truth is Jocasta, his wife, and mother, and comes from the following dialogue towards the middle of the play: “JOCASTA. Take my advice, I beg you---do not go on with it. OEDIPUS. Nothing will move me. I will find out the whole truth.” It is quite evident here that

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