Themes Of Making Sarah Cry And I Escape A Violent Gang

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The text pieces Making Sarah Cry and I Escaped a Violent Gang both share the theme of Overcoming obstacles. Although the two may seem different, there are several things that connect them to that theme. The characters overcome hardships that hurt them. The narrator and Sarah in Making Sarah Cry face the hardships of being bullied for things they can’t help. But they found new strength, and soon others became like them. In I Escaped a Violent Gang, Ana faces telling the truth to save her or lying to save Paco. She tells the truth, to free herself from the violent cycle in her life. All characters are able to overcome the obstacles in their lives. Although there are things in common, one thing that separates the two articles is the character’s actions. In I Escaped a Violent Gang, Ana takes a big risk in telling the truth, meanwhile, in Making Sarah Cry, the risk is only getting bullied more for things they can’t help. The theme poem Making Sarah Cry is overcoming obstacles. Sarah was teased for many things, like being slow and not as smart. “...She never tried to hide. And if she truly wanted to be left alone, then she should stay inside... Every day she 'd do the same: She 'd come outside to play, and stand there, tears upon her face, too upset to run away.” They tease her, even though all she wants to do is play outside. In the middle of the poem, the narrator ends up getting hit by a car. He obtains a scar and with a limp. When he goes back to school, he expects “friends”
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