Themes Of Marriage By Paul Durcan

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Paul Durcan’s poetry catches the realism of us all. His poetry is full of unorthodox images that may at first appear banal, familiar and even dystopian, yet it overflows with almost palpable genuine unreserved human emotion. This is most evident in his more personal poems, such as Nessa and The Difficulty that is Marriage. This gives me the impression he is surrealist and absurdist. In each of his poems he explores his inexpedient marriage and relationships with his father. I also notice his deep appreciation for Irish history in the poems The Girl with the Keys to Pearse’s Cottage. It is also evident he makes his personal matters into a satire example in Wife who Smashed TV gets Jail. I found his poetry a mixture of exciting and even dark. The main theme that I can address in Durcan’s poetry is the theme of family tensions. In all of his poems I have read it always links to Durcan’s exasperating difficulties with his relations or those who are close to him. He explores this theme in his poems Nessa, The Difficulty that is Marriage and Wife who Smashed TV gets Jail on the rocky relationship he has with his wife and the fractured relationship he has with his father is explored in Sport and Madman. I notice immediately from my readings Durcan clearly has an un-easy life but his poetry addresses all of these subjects in a very personal and exceptionally open manner, he doesn’t hide anything from his reader. All his poetry comes across as pessimistic to the reader as it is all
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