Themes Of Modernism In Blood Wedding

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Modernism and Impressionism in the 20th century brought out through the themes of fate and nature from the novel Blood Wedding.
The play Blood wedding, set in the city of Spain during the age of impressionism dating back to the 1930’s is written by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. The beauty of the time has been brought out in the forms of nature and appallingly chronological events of destiny. It talks about the time when adultery and abortion were considered evils and women were chastised for obliging, but men were acquitted for the same. This implies the making of a very misogynistic society with philosophies of modernism touching the Spanish ethos.
The bridegroom and his mother are characters who are honourable yet have a distorted image of actuality. The writer has implied the use of blood imagery, when there is a mention about the mother licking the “blood” of her son. Mother tells the Bride’s Father about the night that her son, the Bridegroom’s brother, was murdered. “I rushed….my grief.”
The bride, the bridegroom and Leonardo are characters who the writer has portrayed being effected by an ominous influence of supernaturalism and blood vendetta. The mother, a vocal character is cognisant of all the blether and is a very depressed human who wastes time in futile discussions and apprehensions “Damn…knives,” (1).
The themes of fate and nature are evident throughout the drama, in individual characters as well. Lorca’s modernism entails the endeavour to
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