Themes Of War And Peace In Canada

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How War and Peace has Defined Canada Many different themes have defined Canada: war and peace is one of those themes. World War I and World War II defined Canada as it grew into a powerful middle power. War created a strong economy and strengthened the women’s movement, however it strained the ties between French and English Canada. Canada’s peacekeeping missions helped define it as a strong peacekeeping force and built national pride. Canada has been defined by its contributions at home and abroad in WWI, WWII, and peacekeeping. World War I played an important role in Canada’s history. It shaped Canada by giving women suffrage and by the war creating a greater divide between French and English Canadians. By the end of WWI, the Canadian government began to argue that women deserve the right to vote because of their work in WWI. According to the Canadian Encyclopedia: “On 24 May 1918, female citizens, not included under racial or Indigenous exclusions, aged 21 and over became eligible to vote in federal election”. This was was a leap forward for the Canadian women 's movement. This shaped Canada because it allowed for women 's voices to be heard in the political discussion. Women wanted to be valued equally. Women 's suffrage also created a pathway for further political progress in the women 's movement and in July of 1919 women gained the right to be elected to the House of Commons and later the Senate. This further helped the voices of women be heard in politics. For
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