Themes Of Women In The Farmer's Bride

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2.5 Alienation of Women: Themes of Insanity and Death
It is not only the image of the fallen woman that Mew presents in her poetry but themes of insanity and death. These themes together shed light on women experiences during her time. Confinement and restrictions led to isolation, madness, or death. A great deal of women 's illnesses in the nineteenth century were merely the result of their oppression, sometimes even something that was expected of them by the society in which they belonged. Women authors of the nineteenth century faced a difficult task in getting their work published and acknowledged without harm to their person or reputation. Within the home or out in society, they faced heavy opposition each step of the way. This was not only the problem of female authors; women in general were silenced and oppressed and it is not surprising that many women suffered ill mental health as a result (Sigurthardottir, 27). Focusing on the theme of insanity which constitute a common theme in the Victorian and early twentieth century poetry, "The Farmer 's Bride" is a good example. Combining this with the further themes of fallen woman and woman as poet this poem reflects feminist dilemmas. As discussed previously this poem illustrates Victorian sexual concepts but the climax of the poem indicates much more:
She sleeps up in the attic there
Alone, poor maid. 'Tis but a stair
Betwixt us. (ll.42-44)

The wife 's decision to sleep in the attic indicates the physical
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