Themes: Poverty And Wealth In The Outsiders

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Some people are suffering, how all the rich people smell money, and the poor people smell smoke. In the book The Outsiders, there are two social classes: the Greasers and the Socs. The Greasers are poor people who wear leather jackets and smoke whenever they want to, while the Socs are very rich and they beat the Greasers up just for kicks. In the poem "Poverty And Wealth," the author describes how a bird comes by with two kids. One child goes to a rich guy who wants him to be a lordy ruler of land and sea; the other child goes to a poor guy who wants God’s will that he has another mouth to fill. Both the poem’s theme and the book’s theme share similarities in many ways.

A theme that matches both the poem’s and the book’s theme would be, “It doesn 't matter if your rich or not be yourself.” This theme would go perfect with the poem because it 's talking about the poor and rich and who they are on the inside. ”And back of each wing an infant lay; One to a
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Another theme I think would go outstanding with the book and the poem is “The poor can be grumpy, but on the inside, they care about people.” I made this quote up because in the poem it 's describing how the poor child only wanted life to be simple and just make sure gods with him all the way. His wants were simple, and simple his creed, to trust God fully: it served his need. In my school, a kid who is very mean and no one likes him, but I talked to him the other day and he told me what was wrong with his mom and how he takes care of her, I think people just need to stop bullying people so they will not bully you back. This theme would go great with the book because it 's saying how on the inside they are nice, well, the Greasers are really nice to be honest probably nicer than the Socs. “I couldn 't use this, I said, dropping the pop bottle. I couldn 't ever cut anyone …..” I chose this quote because Johnny wouldn 't even hurt a fly, but when he was trying to defend himself, he had to kill the Soc to
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