Theocratic Dictatorship In Margret Atwood's The Handmaids Tale

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Theocratic Dictatorship in Gilead Republic Dictatorship is a governmental system in which a person or a group of people use power to make decisions without considering others’ views and believes. Margret Atwood, the writer of The Handmaids Tale expresses some obvious issues that women are going through around the world in her novels. One of her fictional creation is the Gilead Republic. She wants us imagine that Gilead replaces US in future. Additionally, women suffer from the lack of equality in this community. Gilead uses Christianity as a way to convince women that this republic is formed to protect women from rape and violence that existed before. What makes this dystopian society different from the others is that it supposes men are fertile and some women are not due to the pollution and radiation sickness. Furthermore, a class of hierarchy comes to existence in this republic. Main classes that the story covers are the Handmaids, Aunts, Commanders, and the Wives. Moreover, Handmaids are supposed to have emotionless sex with the Commanders. This is only for providing children for the society. Offred is a main character and a Handmaid in the novel. She is telling her story and demonstrating how Gilead is using a horrific way of ruling and enforcing state laws. Therefore, Gilead Republic is a dictatorship society due to the lack of freedom and education that it provides for its community. Also, the government is using execution as a way to scare the citizens so as not to

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