Theodor Adorno's Understanding Of A Contemporary Society

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It is clear Theodor Adorno gives a better understanding of a contemporary society through his theories along with Marxists Ideologies. He believes all of society’s problems originate from capitalism and its ruling class. Theodor Adorno was a German philosopher who was a part of the Frankfurt School. Their aim was to develop a psychological understanding of problems in which were produced in capitalist’s societies (Held, p. 533). An example of the factors they criticise is mass culture and its results on the public. The Frankfurt school’s critical theory gives Adorno his understanding of contemporary society along with the theories that stem from Karl Marx. Marx influenced Adorno’s view on society with his ideas of alienation and commodity fetishism. These two theories can be seen on Adorno’s view towards capitalism. This essay will aim to highlight and argue Adorno’s theories in which portray his understanding of a contemporary society. Factors such as capitalism, popular culture, mass culture and leisure time will be explained and developed further in understanding his contemporary society understandings. Capitalism plays a big role in contemporary societies along with Adorno’s ideologies. It has “absorbed the opposing voice” (Adorno, p.135). What the philosopher means by this is that the ruling class takes away our voice and the everyday people are exploited. Adorno develops a Marxist view that all individuals excluding the capitalists class are being controlled. Through
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