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In Theodore Boone, kid lawyer, Theo is an only son of two lawyers. His father, Woods Boone is a real estate attorney, whereas his mother is a divorce lawyer. Theo 's Uncle Ike used to be some type of a lawyer, got in trouble for 'stuff ' not clarified, and now takes care of taxes for small businesses. Judge is Theo 's dog, with him at his parents office and at home. So, Theo had a friend named April who 's parents are getting a divorce, and she is traumatized at the thought of having to go in front of a judge and say who she would like to live with. Theo also tutors three Spanish children once a week at the soup kitchen, one of whom is named Julio. Theo 's government teacher requests that Theo gets the government class seats to the biggest…show more content…
I personally like this whole book, it only took me four hours to read the entire thing. I liked that Theo was so in touch with everybody and everything about law in the town, "Kid thinks he 's a lawyer. Knows ever cop, every judge, ever county clerk. Hangs around courtrooms, probably knows more law than most lawyers." (Pg 247) I enjoyed that Theo seemed to 'get the girl ' by using his superior brain power and knowledge of the law. "As they were walking down the hallway on the first floor, headed for the main entrance, Hallie slid her hand around Theo 's left elbow. Arm in arm. He instinctively slowed down a little. What a moment." (Pg 153) I disliked the fact that Theo dissed the girl just because his friend wouldn 't like it. "He wasn 't exactly looking for a girlfriend, and besides, April would be devastated if he began chasing a flirt like Hallie." (Pg 153) I also liked that the Boone 's were intelligent enough to dance around the illegal immigrant thing, save the trial, save Roberto, and give Julio 's family a home. "He explained that his parents were offering the deal of a lifetime. A better place to live, with family, the chance of a better job, and the fast track to being a legal resident. No more hiding from the police. No more fears of being
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