Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie

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Theodore Dreiser is regarded as an influential American novelist in the early 20th century. His novel, Sister Carrie, not only makes him well-known all over the world, but also settles his literary status in America. Sister Carrie mainly tells Carried process of actualization from a penniless girl to an elegant woman. When climbing up the ladder of the upper strata, she does not win her dreaming happiness, but the endless hopelessness and mental torture. The novel was created in 1900 when the modern consumer culture boomingly rises; people’s value orientations and behavior modes were largely determined by the consumption ideology. The new production-oriented ideologies gradually give way to the consumption-oriented one in American society. The consumption ideology lays more emphasis on the satisfaction of consumption and the wealth possession, and it gradually weakens the traditional moral standards of diligence, thrift and self-control. Meanwhile, Americans experience dramatic changes in their social life and value orientations under the influence of the consumer culture. Based on the context of consumer society, the thesis is aimed at studying Theodore Dreiser^ Sister Carrie from the perspective of consumer culture, and manages to investigate the representations and influences of consumer culture in the novel. The thesis consists of three parts: an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. In the introduction part, the thesis gives a brief introduction to Dreiser, his
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