Theodore Geisel's Influence On Dr. Seuss

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“And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed!” (Dr.Seuss). The success of one of the most famous children’s book authors stems from quotes like these found in his books. He is Theodore Geisel, an amazing american author who has influenced our world. Better known as Dr.Seuss, Geisel has created and had over fifty of his books published. Notable for his witty rhymes, and playful words, he has established an elaborate form of writing that has captured many readers. Born on March 2, 1904, Geisel started his life in Springfield, Massachusetts. With Theodor Robert Geisel, and Henrietta Seuss Geisel as his parents, he prospered as a child. At age eighteen, he attended Dartmouth College with an undecided major. While Geisel was there, he started…show more content…
Although he started as a cartoonist, some of his campaign’s were very well known, such as, “Quick, Henry, the Flit!” Advertising was Geisel’s main income for over thirty years, he went on to create ads for Holly Sugar, NBC, Ford, General Electric, and many others (Seuss). Geisel’s first breakthrough into the children 's book industry was And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, which was rejected by thirty publishers before it received any recognition or value. After this roadblock, Geisel flowed nicely into the writing industry. He created almost all fantastical stories with imaginary creatures such as the Lorax. The Cat In the Hat is one of the most famous books written by Dr.Seuss, and also the one to solidify his place in the writing industry. It shows children that they are plenty of activities to do if one uses their imagination (Porter). Geisel was challenged to write this story by William Spaulding. He asked Geisel to create a story children wouldn’t be able to put down, but he could only have two-hundred twenty-five words in it that all came off of a three-hundred forty-eight vocabulary word list. His inspiration for that book was that he would find words that rhymed and make them the title of the book, and the verses inside (Seuss). Many of Geisel’s books have powerful themes behind them which are centered on social…show more content…
The result of his potent content was a better understanding of the needs of child education. Children needed and still need curious books to keep them focused on learning new ideas. Even though Theodore Geisel has passed, his books are still being read and cherished to this day. They have had a lasting significance on today’s society. He has had a major effect on elementary school education through the fact that he shows children that learning to read and reading itself can be fun. In fact, National Read Across America Day is celebrated on Geisel’s birthday because of the delightful stories he has created for the children around the world. His books remain timeless, for they bring so much joy to early readers (Porter). The boringness of regular children’s books has been demolished by Dr.Seuss through his profound and clever verses (Famous Authors). He is so widely known and commemorated that he is one of the few writers to have a public statue of himself with his book characters surrounding him (Porter). His work has been transformed into motion pictures to accurately display the stories to newer generations, and has also been collaborated with Universal Studios in Florida to create a theme park dedicated to Dr.Seuss himself. He has been and continues to be honored today through his plentiful ideas thrown into society through fictional characters. Theodor Seuss Geisel has been and still is a significant character in the evolving world of american authors. He has
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