Leadership In The Workplace

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Leaders come in many different shapes and forms. Some leaders only care about the business and task at hand, some leaders care too much for their employees, and other leaders have a great mix of both worlds; those are the types of leaders to have in every company. Leaders need to be fully invested not only in the business to succeed, but they need to make sure their employees are taken care of just as well as the company. Within this paper will discuss the reasons that leaders need to be involved not only within the business, but with the employees too. Theodore Roosevelt described how a caring leader should be in the workforce. “The credit goes to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat, dust, and blood; who…show more content…
Leaders need to be very caring and show a genuine passion to work with others. Being passionate about the employees drives a leader to learn more about their greatest attributes and their greatest weaknesses. By learning these about each employee shows that not only does the leader what himself to succeed, but wants his employees to succeed as well. Furthermore, a leader needs to be sincerely caring on learning about its employees; it is not something that they should or can fabricate. If the employees feel that the leader does not care and they are only pretending to, then the employees will not respect the leader. Employees can distinguish easily between if a manager sincerely cares or not within the work place. The actions and the attitude of the leader radiate on to its employees and determine the work environment. When the leader does not show emotion, employees do not feel like they are cared for, but when a leader is fully involved, the employees are happier and work harder. “When a leader cares, other become focused and energized.” (Manning et al., 2015) With excited and energetic employees willing to work hard and work together, not only do they succeed, but the company and leader do as well. Being an effective leader can be a challenging task when managing numerous employees with many different personalities. Each employee works and thinks differently and a great leader is able to distinguish each trait and enhance those qualities. Moreover, having a caring heart can help enhance each employee’s personal traits and relationships with the leaders. Being an effective leader isn’t always about the numbers and the company, it is about showing the passion for the employees and establishing a caring and supporting
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