Theodore Roosevelt Manifest Destiny Essay

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A tremendous amount of people wonder if America is trying to achieve world domination because of their involvement with the Middle East that is, however, a debatable and an unproven statement but it was especially true about a century ago during Theodore Roosevelt’s era. After the reparations done due to the civil war, Theodore Roosevelt strived to bring back American traditional values, that it, world expansion also known as manifest destiny. Theodore Roosevelt was an ingenious president whose aim was to make America an imperialistic nation and to colonise all the countries of the world. There is clear evidence that Roosevelt was trying to make America as a world superpower and he made it look like it was democracy even before Theodore Roosevelt’s…show more content…
This concept was practiced by a lot of the presidents and leaders at the time like Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson’s aim was to expand even if it means relocating the Native Americans some place else. It was during Theodore Roosevelt’s time did they continue the Manifest Destiny concept. Theodore Roosevelt is followed the theory of “Social Darwinism”, meaning that weaker and smaller beings would eventually break off and the stronger ones will survive. (Burton, 103, Social Darwinism) After being aware of this, Theodore Roosevelt’s plan was to make America the stronger country and gain power by taking other nations. Theodore Roosevelt is a patriotic American icon to many people today because of his acts of bravery and toughness. (Burton, 357) In the olden days (maybe until today), a huge country with dominance over other countries is the ideal country for Americans. “Theodore Roosevelt was a nationalistic patriot and imperialist in his very bones” (Burton, 357). This was one of the reasons Theodore Roosevelt wanted to build a bigger America, due to his “Pride of the Nation”. Building a bigger America is one of the fundamentalism and basis of American culture ever since America was
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