Theodore Roosevelt Research Paper

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Were Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S. Tru{men}? Have you ever wondered how high profiled presidents today have impacted our lives? These are the most influential and important ways that Theodore Roosevelt and Harry S, Truman have helped the United States, and other countries in a positive manner. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. His precedency lasted from 1901 to1909, after the assassination of president William McKinley. Theodore had been known to expand the influence and power of the executive office. Mr. Theodore Roosevelt believed that anyone who was president had the right to use all powers with the exception of those that were specifically denied. One of the most important impacts Theodore Roosevelt made…show more content…
Roosevelt believed in equal wages among all people, Harry S. Truman believed in equal RIGHTS for all people no matter their skin color. Harry S. Truman was the first president to address the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He was also the first president to have the courage to ask Congress for a civil rights legislation. Mr. Truman wrangled up a committee of 15 men to help him announce his new legislation, which proposed the protection of people of different races from discrimination. He promised African Americans that they would not have to face discrimination, violence, and race prejudice in American life any longer. Even after being denied by congress and lacking support from his fellow Americans, Harry Truman was able to surpass these obstacles and passed his legislature through the House. While feeling passionately about ending segregation and being dedicated to passing the civil rights legislation, Truman gained the “black votes” he needed in order to win the presidential election in 1948, for the second time. Harry S. Truman’s precedency ended in 1953 because of his efforts of equal rights for all, the United States was now a more equal country. Not only did his actions impact the people in his era, it impacted the people today. He brought alive the idea of wanting to end segregation in all schools, and to teach people to treat others not by skin color, but by what’s inside. His belief in treating all races with respect, and equality, opened the door for people like Barack Obama to be president, and for many others like him to be elected for office in the
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