Theodore Roosevelt Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt 1. According to Roosevelt, a person cannot be good if he does not go to church because he would be more inclined to look over the “colored supplemen of the newspaper.” Roosevelt believes that if someone does not go to church, he will not spend time to pray or do good works. 4. According to the writer, helping one’s neighbors is a good thing because the writer claims that helping one’s neighbors in turn, helps thyself. Helping one’s neighbors is a charitable action and by doing so, shows your faith in God. 2. I would describe Roosevelt’s style as stern. Roosevelt presents his reasons assertively, which makes his beliefs seem absolute and correct. This style of writing makes the piece more effective because an audience is more…show more content…
The thesis of this piece is that believing in something that you do not genuinely believe in for your own benefit leads to corruption and destruction. 2. The writer’s style is straight-forward. This style helps to advance the piece’s meaning because it is very succinct and does not beat around the bush. Paine delivers his message very clearly and efficiently. 5. The purpose of the rhetorical question at the end of paragraph 10 is used to emphasize how immoral it is to profess in believing in something you do not believe genuinely believe in. The question causes the reader to think about any other possibilities that are “more destructive to morality” than mental lying. Mark Twain 2. Although we do not know the circumstances under which Mark Twain delivered “Advice to Youth” or to whom, I can imagine the audience found Twain’s speech as ironic. Twain started out his lecture with a serious tone in the first paragraph, but then took a comic turn. For example, in the second paragraph, Twain tells the audience to obey their parents, “when they are present.” Twain is implying that the audience’s parents are not with them, they don’t need to follow the rules. If the audience did not know that Mark Twain was a comic author, that statement could have been shocking to them. Most of the lecture consists of satire so I think that Twain’s audience was one that would understand his sense of humor. If Twain wanted to be effective and appeal to pathos, he would have had to make sure that his
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