Theodore Roosevelt's Early Life

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Theodore Roosevelt Early Life I was born on October 27th 1858, in New York City. I had asthma as a young boy and couldn 't attend public school due to an illness on top of that, so I was home-schooled for most of my early life. To componsate for this, I developed a strenuous and physical lifestyle centered around weightlifting and boxing. I later went onto attend Harvard University and Colombia Law School. Start of Political Career My political career was kickstarted when I was nominated by local Republicans to be a New York State Representitive in 1882. With my high popularity, I was also able to become the youngest New York Speaker of Assembly in 1883. However, on February 14, 1884, my mother and wife passed away on the same day causing…show more content…
The explosion of U.S.S. Maine led many Americans to support the Spanish-American War and support acquisition of Cuba. I left my government post in 1898 to start a volunteer calvary known as the Rough Riders. As leader of the calvary, I a charge up San Juan Hill in the Battle of San Juan Heights. I returned a national war hero and with that title helping me, I was able to win the election for New York governor. As governor, I led a strong approach advocating against corruption of machine politics. This clashed with political bosses at the time period who sought to get rid of me. They reasoned that the best way to get rid of me was to promote me to Vice President, a weak political position at the time with little duties. So in 1900, I ran on the McKinley-Roosevelt ticket as a Republican. McKinley was assassinated on September 13, 1901. Following this, I was sworn in as president the following…show more content…
When I returned, I was displeased that my former Vice President and current President William Taft was doing things that went against my anti-trust policies. Because of this, I decided to split off from the Republican party and form my own political party. This party was known as the Progressive Party, colloquially known as the Bull-Moose Party. While campaigning for the 1912 election, I was shot in the chest. Luckily, my folded up speech protected me from any fatal injuries and I went on to deliver my speech. Despite my good reputation, popularity among the people, and experience, I ended up losing the election to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. I didn 't end my political career though, as I considered running again in 1916 but ultimately decided not to and even volunteered in WWI, although I was

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