Theodore Seussel Allegories Analysis

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What does any author use allegories for in everyday life? ”Speeches”, stories, “and” even conversation”,”with. So have decided to do some research on the author Theodore Seuss Geisel ( Dr. Seuss) to explain the allegories in his stories because an allegory is when you have a moral in what you are writing or expressing. Allegories are effective to convey ideas in an essay or other expressive ways because they tell you about types of reasoning. In the second paragraph the article will be talking about Allegories are a great way to teach someone a moral of an existing problem or past conflict, “B”ut to put them in a different type of story like how Theodore Seuss Geisel did with most of his books like the book Yertle The Turtle. On the site Vocativ, it says”,”Seuss said Yertle was inspired by Adolf Hitler, and an early version of the character even had a mustache. The book was controversial because of the metaphor and the belch.””””(Brown 6), this is evidence because this book you most likely could not have guessed that it would be about the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler because it’s a children’s book but it was hidden very well which in the book tells about in the end how one mistake taken out the king telling about history.But in all of his books there is some type of moral that could tell you about history then another message telling you not to do…show more content…
But that couldn’t be true because it have other effects like it could open their minds to other types of topics that they have not ever
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