Theodore Wilson Monologue

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The year is 1861. You are a young boy only 10 years of age,named Tommy, your parents both died from smallpox. Every day it goes threw your head why did I not get the virus and die with them? and now you face a new challenge, living on you own or going to a workhouse and work day in and day out and for what? Some nasty food and a Uniform that has been worn one hundred times before you, or you live on the streets and become a man at early age and fend for yourself, go out into the real world and live with some bad people, but they will treat you better than at a workhouse because they have been in your shoes. At this point you have come to a conclusion. You will live on the streets and maybe just maybe live to adulthood. There is a lot to do,…show more content…
We steal what we need not enough to get caught.” You think to yourself it 's a great offer your gonna need friends to survive with a little hesitation you say “Yes” and in the same second you hear a whisper “No No don 't do it son..!” You turn quick and see nothing you think to yourself it 's nothing. now you having second thoughts about this whole thing, but you have made the decision and you are gonna stick with it. A week in nothing that creep happened things are going great with the gang. I mean you guys are making good money and getting so much food more than a giant could eat. You are very impressed with what these guys can do, so you have an idea. Theo gathers all of gang members, then you say “ alright guys i have been here for a mouth and i have seen how good you guys can steal u guys have hands swift like a fox now stay with me on this! We should steal the queen 's crown in one mouth with that time we get what we need for this mission it 's gonna take a lot of planning.” Theo looks at you and is nodding yes. Then Theo comes up and speaks and says “ who 's in? ” everyone raises their hands, but right that split second a very fast wind picks up and a tornado forms in the area then BAM a man standing right there in the middle if group of people. You recognize the man it

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