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How I balance theological wisdom, psychological guidelines, and my personal belief system is having the ability or aptitude to discern and to judge what is morally right. The information I gain from theological wisdom which entails "Christian theology wisdom" supports my own methodology and belief system. In regards to the psychological guidelines, I am compliant with the rules and regulations and ask the Holy Spirit for assistance if needed. Thus, this is how I find balance within theological wisdom, psychological guidelines, and my personal belief system.

I learned that theological wisdom is gained from God, the Almighty and it is depicted as an aspect of God. The Bible expounds or explains this fact in (Proverbs 2:6). "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding."[1] Christian wisdom/theology relates to serenity, devotion, holiness,
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speak from my own testimony, one cannot receive Christian wisdom out of a textbook and Christian wisdom has given me the opportunity to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle even though procuring a doctorate degree at South University gives me anxiety. I am doing well overall in my courses nevertheless, I still experience anxiety because of the experiences I had to endure at South University.
A few examples: I had a professor at South University literally condemned me for the challenges that shaped my destiny and my life. I went from being an A student to a ____ student in this individual's class. I stood firm in my conviction.

Another facilitator conversed to me that "I am not supposed to use beautiful sentences." To converse to a student how to articulate their thought process is wrong. Freedom of

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