Narcissist Theory Of Selfie

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Theoratical approach The theory behind selfie is linked to the concept of 'looking-glass self ', which was first used by Charles Cooley (1902). According to Cooley, this concept suggests that the formation of our identity and the sense of ourselves are heavily relied on the reaction we experienced privately. This will leads our attention to focus on public self-consciousness, whereby people will establish their own identity and characteristic based on the people 's perception towards them. By using this particular concept, it can help us to further explain the reason why people nowadays are driven by the urge to take selfie even though it might cost their lives in the process. To further support the 'looking-glass self ' concept, Yeung…show more content…
Narcissism can be define as a self-centered and egoistic view about themselves ( People who usually take selfie can be catergorized as individual who are insecure about themselves and would hope to gain some attention from other people. This sentence may sound very contradicting to the definition of narcissism where individual are define as egoistic and self-centered but it 's not. The reason why people with narcissism think that the attention are on them is because they are afraid that people won 't notice them and they would actually fool themselves in thinking that they are under the spotlight. Thus, this notion of theirs would prompt them in investing most of their time and energy in taking the 'perfect selfie ' just so they can gain recognition from others. Danny Bowman, a 19 year old British teen, attempted to suicide as he wasn 't satisfied with the pictures he took ( Danny was so obsessed with taking selfie and wanting to grab the attention from others, he would spent 10 hours a day just to take the perfect picture. This urge that drives him to take the perfect picture is what caused him nearly to overdosed on pills and lost his life. From this news, we can see that narcissism can be linked to selfie death as people would be so obsessed in taking selfie because of wanting the attention from people. If they can 't get it, they would have negative notions such as determine themselves as a unwanted or unpopular individual which will leads to them having the thought of ending their own
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