Theoretical Approach To Health Promotion

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Good morning everyone, welcome to a formal morning tutorial/ lecture. The aim of this session is to discuss the following: national, strategic and theoretical issues relating to health promotion.
Health promotion is important in the reduction of disease risk in individuals throughout the UK. Currently, the population is becoming increasingly at risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoarthritis through participating in risky health behaviours such as smoking, sedentary lifestyles and obesity. Health promotion in the health care services is therefore one of the key methods through which individuals can employ persuasive methodologies alongside personal one-to-one counselling from individuals which health to alter the behaviours, knowledge and attitudes of individuals towards the health choices they make.
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For tackling obesity and to promote healthy eating as well as raising awareness of the dangers of smoking let consider the following theories.
The five theoretical approaches to health promotion are:
Educational:This approach aims to provide knowledge and information about the why and how of healthy eating and also to develop the necessary skills for informed choice.The methods used are Information-giving through interpersonal channels, small groups and mass media, so that the individual canmake an informed choice.
Medical: The aim of medical approach is focus on preventing disease and early detection and also to identify those at risk from disease. Using thePrimary health care consultationfor example: checking your body mass.
Client-centred: this approach is centred on working with individuals on their own terms.Byhelping people to identify their own needs and concerns, and gain the necessary skills and confidence to act upon
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