Theoretical Basis For Nursing: Ways Of Knowing

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Ways of Knowing In the book, Theoretical Basis for Nursing, written by Melanie McEwen and Evelyn Wills, mentions Knowledge Development and Nursing Science, which basically means the various ways knowledge is acquired. In nursing, there are many, a few mentioned are the four different categories in Nursing Epistemology, which are: Empirical knowledge, esthetic knowledge, personal knowledge, and ethics, which are the four fundamentals in nursing knowledge. Nursing Epistemology Empirical knowledge is objective, abstract, quantifiable, exemplary, discursively formulated, and verifiable. It is verified through repeated testing, laws, principals and theories; basically, seeking explanations. Esthetic knowledge is expressive, subjective and…show more content…
Ethics, or ethical knowledge, which is our moral code and obligation to service and respect human life. It is the good, valuable and the goals desired (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Personal Situation An example of a situation that I’ve encounter during my few years as a registered nurse, working in long term care, was dealing with residents with multiple diagnosis and aging. I had only been work prn, so it was difficult to really know a client. My resident was an older Caucasian female with diagnosis of dementia, congestive heart failure, iron deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, and several other illnesses. As I arrive to my unit at the start of shift, I had a resident approach me, wanting her medications, while she is standing on her walker, I notice, the resident having some shortness of breath. When obtaining her blood pressure, I remember both numbers, systolic and diastolic, were extremely elevated, I obtain and 02Sat, which seem to improve, after a few minutes of resting. I continued by asking is she had any headache or chest pain? She continued to state, yes for the headache, but no on the chest pain. I proceed by giving her morning…show more content…
Examples include assessing her symptoms, and treating them with blood pressure medication, diuretics, aspirin, applying oxygen, and reassessing after treatment was administered. Other ways in assisting the resident was when the wheel chair was offered and transferred her to the dining area for breakfast, as well as reassessing. Esthetic Knowledge Even though my resident was experiencing some physical needs, I continued to care for her in other ways, the attention I gave her, something as simple as to just sit with her in her room. Listen to her social needs, missing her daughter, and wondering why her daughter hadn’t shown up to visit. I comfort her and explain that her daughter was trying to schedule time to spend with her soon. We even called her on the phone just so that she could hear her voice. My residents need where cared for in a holistic manner. Personal Knowledge The personal knowledge experience by myself with my resident was more than just empirical, there was a bond, more than just treating the symptoms. A simple gestor, such as holding her hand and listening to her concerns, is something my resident never forgot. Soon she expressed her appreciation by giving me a hug every time she would see
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