Theoretical Explanation Of Political Terrorism By Ted Gurr

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Theoretical explanation of terrorism Terrorism and political violence theory In the book Political terrorism, Ted Gurr argues that terrorism is as a result of misery, frustration, grievances and despair due to the part played by both national and international politics economic and social situations. Political violence is a collective attack within a political community against a political regime (Gurr 1960). The perpetrators may include different political groups and the incumbents and policies. It also includes coups d’état revolutionalists and guerilla wars. Aggression is brought about by frustration among a group of people. An aggressive behavior depicts the availability of frustration (Donallard, 1939). When people feel miserable and oppressed they are then inspired by all types of civil unrest and insurgent. The rebels i.e. the terrorists are not allowed to hold rallies make speeches and print newspapers. Political agitation among the masses without exposing themselves and their supporters to arrest ensures complete and royal support of rebels by their loyalists as they face of the regime. The terrorists then through this support make a successful revolution less likely (Mao and Guevara). Rebellion because of oppression and misery makes the regime to intensify the oppression which later withdraw public support of the regime and bucks the rebels due to the sympathy they have on them. The rebels then get strengthened and feel encouraged to provoke the regime more

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