Theoretical Framework In Talent Management

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2.2. Theoretical Framework
A theoretical framework is a collection of interrelated ideas based on theories. It attempts to clarify why things are the way they are based on theories; it’s a general assumption about nature and phenomenon (Kombo & Tromp, 2006). Further, it have been defined that a theory is a set of statements or principles planned to explain a group of facts or phenomenon especially one that has been repeatedly tested or widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena(Popper,1963). Although definitions have similarities theories have been classified as analytical tools for understanding explaining and making predictions about a given subject matter(Hawking, 1996). Over the years, theoretical frameworks
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However, in the journal of business and management volume 14, issue 2 (Nov-Dec 2013) stated that a long term health and success of any organization depends upon the retention of key employees. To a great extent customer satisfaction, organizational performance in terms of increased sales, satisfied colleagues and reporting staff, effective succession planning and others dependent upon the ability to retain the best employees in any organization. Encouraging employees to remain in the organization for a long period of time can be termed as employee…show more content…
Talent Management Processes
According to Theron (2007:17) the process of talent management is one of frequent development, adjustment and change in order to ensure that the process remains aligned with organizational strategies and goals. The emphasis here is on the notion of Talent Management as a continuous process, rather than as an intervention of limited duration.
Talent management is a prudent method of preparing Namport against risks associated with the planned or unplanned loss of knowledge that is critical to Namport’s business continuity. Therefore, Namport consider it is employees as the most valuable resources and it is committed to foster a culture of attracting, developing, and retaining it is talents. People are undoubtedly the best resources for Namport, hence sourcing the best talent have become a priority for Namport to ensure it achieve its objectives and remain competitive. In order to fill the gaps in the organization, talent management has become a key strategy to identify and fill the gaps by ensuring that high worth individuals are hired in the right positions.
To sustain and stay ahead in business, talent management cannot be ignored. In order to understand the concept better, below are the stages amongst others that are included in talent management

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