Metaphysical Issues Of Consciousness Essay

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Metaphysical Issues of Consciousness: How do we define Consciousness? Consciousness in its very fundamental form can be defined as an inherent and intrinsic property of mind. And in fact no other aspect of mind is as intriguing, appealing and perplexing as consciousness, and our conscious experience of ‘self’ and everything else except the ‘self’. Both the notions evidently appear as totally complementary to each other. The very concept of ‘Consciousness’ is undoubtedly the principal issue to be addressed in the process of theorizing and so called ‘defining’ of mind. Presently there is no general mutual agreement upon a fixed theory which clearly explains ‘Consciousness’ in its most pristine form. But there is indeed a widespread belief/consensus on the notion that a sufficient account of mind requires an in-depth analysis and understanding of ‘Consciousness’ and scrutiny of its relevance in nature. We need to realize that what exactly ‘Consciousness’ is, at the very heart of it, and how is it related to other non-conscious…show more content…
Fundamental Property dualism asserts that the conscious mental properties are the primary constituents of what we define as reality, which are in sync with fundamental physical properties of nature. Like for example consider an electric charge. It may interact with other fundamental physical properties of nature like say, magnetic field, in a way that obeys the very foundations of the Laws of Physics. Alternatively, these properties can be termed as independent of other properties of similar nature. 2. Emergent Property dualism treats the “Conscious” mental properties as the manifestations of complex organizations of physical constituents, but in a rather revolutionary manner, as a result of which the emergent property produced is such that it is way ahead of its root cause, which is purely physical in nature and the emergent result thus produced, is not predictable and can’t be expressed in terms of the physical factors constituting
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