Theoretical Model Of Anxiety Essay

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What is wrong with having some anxiety? Anxiety helps us to avoid harm or prepare for important events and it can warn us when we need to take action. Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease usually occurring when one is uncertain of an outcome. However for individuals with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) they may experience anxiety that is persistent and uncontrollable to the point of being overwhelmed. “Individuals with GAD may worry about everyday concerns as a means of avoiding thinking about more distressing topics, primarily related to interpersonal and difficult childhood experiences” (Fisher & Wells, 2011). This research paper will compare and contrast two theoretical models of generalized anxiety disorder…show more content…
The avoidance model of worry states that worry is a strategy for avoiding emotional stimuli such as vivid images and somatic activation. While the emotional dysregulation model identifies worry as one of several ineffective coping strategies to manage and avoid emotions. Both treatments focus on self-monitoring and training patients to manage internal experiences. The differences in these treatments lie in their theoretical differences that impact the design of the treatments. Avoidance model of worry is an integrated model whereas emotional dysregulation is an emotional/behavioral model. The emotional/behavioral focuses on the impact of emotions and behaviors. Using mainly emotion education with exposure exercises and mindfulness. Whereas avoidance model of worry uses a combination of cognitive and emotional/behavioral elements. It also combines other factors such as interpersonal relationships and past trauma. “Treatment based on the avoidance model of worry incorporates cognitive restructuring, self-control desensitization (behavioral), relaxation skills (behavioral), and interpersonal and emotional processing (affective) as central components of treatment” (Behar, 2009). Based on the individual’s symptoms and needs one theoretical approach may be the focus intervention

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