Theoretical Model Of Eataly

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The study will apply various theoretical models in order to highlight the overall performance of Eataly, evaluating the factors that play an important role for the success of Eataly. Eataly is an Italian market being the largest all around the world; it offers variety of food and beverages, restaurants, retail items, bakery as well as cooling school. The study will provide an overview of Eataly, and the challenges they faced while operating within the market place. Retail industry presents relation between producers and consumers, thus, it allows the industrial firm reaching the market successfully and develop two way information transfer and services. according to Sebastiani & Montagnini (2014), among distributors, the grocery stores covers an important position in terms of distribution of fast moving customer goods and adapt themselves with the changing behaviour of customer needs and demands. Eataly is one of the largest international organisation that has able to revolutionised the way where people can consumer, but and also learn about food. Without a doubt, the major activity of Eataly is to sell highest quality Italian food all across the globe, from their stores and online websites. The mission of Eataly is ‘Life is too short to drink and eat badly’. In the year 2004, Oscar Farinetti attained the brand Eataly that was previously registered for a trademark and internet domain by Celestino Ciocca, who was the brand strategy consultant and founded the firm in Alba

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