Theoretical Perspective That Describe Me Essay

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The theoretical perspective that describe me is the symbolic interactionist because if someone say something wrong my action comes out in mean way because how I take the situation and what the other person does to make me angry. A person and I can get into an argument, but it can go left and there is no way from getting me from talking when I get heated, so there is no communication for that person. My other personality took over and I could not cool down from it that I try to suicide myself by taking over dosage of stomach acid medicine and by cutting myself with a razor. I see a lot of young people or my friends having sex and getting pregnant at a young age around 15 years old and above, but not waiting until they are marry; however, people…show more content…
I even know at a young age about that, but some people do and they just do not care because t the only thing that matters is how the guy look. I hate when people have their opinions about your looks especially about me; however, the next thing I know that I start to get upset and snapping on that person because I do not like anyone opinions unless it is my parents’ opinions then it is ok, but keep your opinions to yourself and I do not need anyone to start putting their opinion about other people then telling another person like myself the end of the day I do not care what you must say. The only thing you need to worry about is yourself and how you look because you do not look good yourself. I have friends that are from the LGBT community and I love hanging out with them because they are fun to be around with, but I hate when people start to talk about them; therefore, I start to take that offend about that and start to go off at that
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