Theoretical Perspectives Taken To Learning And Development Through Play Essay

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1.1 Analyse the theoretical perspectives taken to learning and development through play See Unit 1 Task 2.3 1.2 Explain how children are competent learners from birth to five years See Unit 1 Task 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 2.1 Analyse the types of play that support the areas of learning and development outlined in statutory early years curricula Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) is an important area of learning as this is where children learn about their feelings, build friendships and relationships with others and work on themselves. In the early years settings there are various types of play that can support a child with their PSED. These include; dancing, singing, imaginative play such as role play, drawing, writing, constructing,…show more content…
The key features of an effective play based learning environment are that children able to play uninterrupted for long periods of time and are able to choose from a range of resources and areas, letting them choose activities on their own accord. Children are able to develop a wide variety of skills by having lots of various resources to choose from. 2.5 Explain why both adult initiated and child initiated play and learning activities are important for children from birth to five years In an Early Years setting we allow children to participate in child initiated play. By allowing children to choose which resources they would like to play with let’s them explore their favourite type of activity, and have a sense of independence. Adult initiated play is also important for children as adults will choose resources to play with that may give children more of a challenge, such as participating in playing with a board game. This also gives children a chance to develop on their other skills that they may be falling behind on, or haven't experienced yet giving them more of a
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