Theoretical Theorists Of Career Development

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2.1 Career Development Broadly defined, career development is the combination of psychology, chance, sociological, economic, environmental, and educational factors that affect total academic life of an individual (NCDA, 2008). Most career development theorists believe that- career development is a process that takes place over a life span (Superetal, 1996, P.128; as cited in NCDA, 2006). According to Callahan and Garner (1997) career development is a dynamic process that requires individuals to engage in the ongoing assessment, analysis, and synthesis of information about the world of work and self. According to Farren et al. (2008) Career Development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to…show more content…
This theoretical perspective also supposes that while individuals may assume this process is complete in early adulthood, choosing an occupation is a lifelong process Mau, 2007). Similarly, Sears (1982) defined career development- the total constellation Of Psychological, sociological, educational, environmental, economic, and chance factors that combine to shape the career of an individual over the life span(as cited in Patton &McMahon, 2006,P.6). Choosing a positive career choice and then following it leads to an individual to personal growth, satisfaction, and consolidation (Masdonati, Massoudi & Rossier,…show more content…
Therefore career development theories provide the basis for career counsellors to have a better understanding of particular strategies, approaches and tools there by meeting the needs of school students (Canadian career development foundation, 2011). In essence theory influences practice (Mational Guidance Research Forum, 2010). Career development theories also provide the guidance to purpose. Theories also provide the role of foundations for explaining career behaviors with students related to career problems. However the point of intention about career development theories is the argument present by Whiston and Brecheisen (2002) as to which theory is appropriate in developing the career of secondary school

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