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3.1 Job Satisfaction
The job satisfaction term was first developed by happock in the year1935. He revived more than 35 studies on job satisfaction conducted prior to 1933-34 and observes that Job satisfaction is combination of psychological, That causes a person to say. “I am satisfied with my job”. Such a description indicate the variety of variables that influence the satisfaction of the individual but tell us nothing about the nature of Job satisfaction.
Definitions of Job Satisfaction
Different authors give various definitions of job satisfaction. Some of them are taken from the book of D.M. Pestonjee “Motivation and Job Satisfaction” which are given below:
 Job satisfaction is defined as a pleasurable, emotional,
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 The relative status which include social and economical.
 The nature of work relation with the ability,reaction etc.
 Security for the worker
 Loyalty
Herzberg, mausaer, Peterson and capwell in 1957 they studied morethan 150 studies regarding the job satisfaction. Some of the findings are
1. Intrinsic aspect of job Satisfaction the intrinsic aspect of the job satisfaction includes aspects of the work, which would tend to be constant for the work regardless of where the work was performed.
2. Supervision
This is include the supervision quality of the work in the organization.
3. Working conditions of the organization
Physical aspects of working environment which are not necessary a part of the work. Hours of work are included this factor because it is primarily a function of organization, which is the intrinsic activity of the employees.
4. Wages for employees
Wage is the basic functions for the every employees,it can be described as the amount of monitory reward that a worker expects from the job. Wages are an instrument of fulfilling the needs as every worker expects to get an appropriate reward. The wages are supposed to be fair, reasonable and equitable.
6. Security for the

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