The Role Of Note-Taking In The Mirror Of Literature

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Note- taking Note-Taking in the Mirror of Literature: Theory and Practice
The main bases of the study are cognitive and the meta-cognitive theories. A cognitive theory involves note-taking, key words, and imagery. On the other hand, a meta-cognitive theory involves the self-management, preparation, self-monitoring, self-evaluation, and self-reinforcement. Note-taking requires understanding, selection of information and written processes. Through note-taking, everyone can list down the key points or words and recording while comprehending new information at the same time. Throughout the note-taking, the components of memory recall can work. According by Aminifard et al., as cited (Carrel et al., 2002) taking lecture
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Locke's theory of recall was attacked by Reid who which poured scorn on the impression that memory experience is a restoration of previous perceptual experience. According to the levels of processing effect theory, which is the alternative theory of memory, suggested by Fergus Craik and Robert Lockhart, that memory recall is also a function of the power of mental processing, which is determined by the connections with pre-existing memory, the time spent processing, cognitive effort and sensory input. In the other hand, low processing leads to a fragile or weak memory trace that is inclined to rapid decay, whereas deep and highly process results in a more durable memory trace. This theory suggests that memory strength is continuously variable, and which involves a sequence of three stages, from sensory to short-term to long-term memory. While based in psychology, recall is the act of retrieving information from the past. Also, it is simply bringing a thought or idea learned previously, and stored in memory into conscious awareness. When remembering something from the past event or lecture, you are actually considered recalling the memory. It is the retrieval of information and in which an individual is trying to recall what was…show more content…
The relationship of the three variables and how these variables (note-taking, listening and doodling) contributes to the memory recall to the subjects of second year college students of De La Salle Lipa.
Scope and Limitations The study focuses on determining and describing the three study habits of the students of De La Salle Lipa as determinants of their academic performance on memory recall. It involves 36 students enrolled at DLSL and their chosen students are randomly assigned for each treatment conditions. Moreover, this research does not include the study habits and academic performance of the chosen students during their previous years.
The findings of this research are limited to the data and tests obtained from the subjects that illustrate the relationship between study habits on memory recall.
H0: There is no significant difference on the memory recall of the subjects using three different learning

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