Theories About Otzi's Death

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Otzi ( A.K.A the iceman, Atzi, the Simulation man). Was a man found in the otzal alps frozen. He was found by two German tourists on the 21st of September, 1991. More specifically he was found 4 meters inside the Italian – Austrian border 3210 m above sea level. Otzi is so important because is the most preserved body ever found. He is also the oldest full-body ever found. Otzi changed the way a lot of people thought about evolution. This is why otzi is so important.

Otzi lived in the copper age. This was when people were just learning to smelt metals. To put it on a timeline for you it was after the Neolithic age but before the bronze age. We know this because he was Radio-c carbon dated with 97% accuracy. They also dated all of Otzi's
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Much the same as the ones when otzi was alive

1.1 Overview of Theories About Otzi's Death

There are many theories about Otzi's Death. I think this is because he died so long ago it is hard to be sure. The 3 main theories are that he froze to death, was murdered or he died of disease. I will also add 2 theories I came up with infection and combination.

1.2 Murder

Murder is the most popular theory of death. The theory of murder consists that Otzi went up a mountain and was shot with an arrow in the shoulder blade and somebody delivered the final blow with a wooden club.

1.3 Frozen

Another theory is that Otzi froze to death. This theory consist of the fact otzi went up the mountain; for an unknown cause; and got in a fight. This fight didn't kill him. But he was injured in the snow. He eventually froze to death.

1.4 Disease

Disease is one of the less popular theories. It says that the diseases he had, lung cancer, arthritis, Lyme disease would have killed
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There is a lot of evidence for this theory, but, there is also a lot of evidence against; this will be explained later in this paragraph; When Otzi was found they x-rayed his body. This x-ray showed examiners of the body that he had may fractured ribs on his left side. It also showed skull breakages and a stone arrowhead in his left shoulder blade. Based on this evidence Murder was the cause of otzis death. SOURCE:

2.2 Murder Counter Argument

A highly recognized archeologist Frank Rulhi has done a number of experiments relating to the murder. He says that the arrow ruptured a blood vessel but caused no major tissue damage. The wound would have caused plenty of discomforts but not death Also relating to the head injuries. These were nothing substantial. These could have been from simply falling over on the ice! SOURCE:


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