Theories Against Teaching Grammar

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If the students are exposed to grammar rules and structures, they can come up with new ideas about writing. It is important to know the grammar for the learners to see effectiveness in their writing. Contrary to this many theorists do not believe on teaching grammar. There are many theories against teaching grammar. Grammar should not be the priority. The focus should be on lexis, not grammar. Grammar cannot be learned by studying, language is learned by practicing different activities in which the students will unconsciously pickup the grammar. Theorist prefers to learn lexical chunks. Example, idioms and vocabulary which will help the learner in real life situations. In Pakistan, grammar is explicitly taught in all schools. Grammar books…show more content…
Spoken English in a Second language is bit casual but for the writing in a Second language learners have to know all the grammar rules and tenses to make their writing more effective and formal. Grammar helps in speaking and writing, both the skills are important for their professional career. Grammar is important for a Business communication as well. It gives correctness to a language. Grammar enables the students to generate new sentences. Learners must know the structure of a sentence and the functions of words. Grammar makes them understand the system and structure of a language which will help them to speed up linguistic acquisitions. Grammar teaching is important for the educational career. Learners will be able to makeup sentences, helps to arrange a vocabulary to make a sentence. They can construct new sentences, if they know the grammar rules and structures. It makes the writing more precise and easy to understand for others. In Pakistan, the students get more exposure in the school rather than at home. Majority families in Pakistan do not converse in English…show more content…
These all activities help them to learn through environment. In Pakistan, every school has a Library to encourage the students to read. Books for all grades are present in the library. Fables and parables till the primary level and scientific, cultural and historical books for higher grades. Teachers force the students to read as reading helps in writing. But the grammar books have their own significant. Teaching grammar in a grammar-translation method to Pakistani students is essential because they can understand the grammar rules well in their native language. There are many grammar rules which a child need to practice in class. Syntax, pronunciation, word formation, sentence structure etc. Grammar is important to explain to the children to make them understand the rules. It should be practice more frequently by giving them exercises. All the rules should be understood to the children before practicing it. Syntax should be understood by the children so they can build new

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