Theories And Practices Of Tai Chi Fighting

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History of Taiji Chen Ziwen (1st Author)
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Tai Chi Fighting is a traditional Chinese martial art originated from the philosophy concept ‘tao’ and ‘tai chi’. It has been spread in China for centuries. Today, people all over the world practice Tai Chi Fighting for both defensive and healthy purpose. Tai Chi practice requires body and mind to corporate well. Recently, evidence has showed that Tai Chi practice brings positive effect to both physical and mental health. Besides that, it also has its value in treating and preventing many diseases. In this paper, positive effects of practicing Tai Chi Fighting will be discussed thoroughly.
History of Tai Chi:
Theories and practices of Tai Chi Fighting are believed to be formulated by Zhang Sanfeng, who is a Taoist monk in the twelfth century in China. Then this martial art is carried forward by followers of Zhang and now it is spread all over the world. The word Tai Chi originates from Chinese philosophy. It is translated as “supreme ultimate”. It is symbolically represented by a picture containing wuji, yin(black polar) and yang(white polar). The Tai Chi concept is closely related to the martial art Tai Chi Fighting and to be an expert in Tai Chi fighting, people need to understand Tai Chi philosophy well.

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