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History of Taiji Chen Ziwen (1st Author)
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Supervisor: Prof Huang Weihong
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Keywords - Tai Chi Fighting, Health ,

Tai Chi Fighting is a traditional Chinese martial art originated from the philosophy concept ‘tao’ and ‘tai chi’. It has been spread in China for centuries. Today, people all over the world practice Tai Chi Fighting for both defensive and healthy purpose. Tai Chi practice requires body and mind to corporate well. Recently, evidence has showed that Tai Chi practice brings positive effect to both physical and mental health. Besides that, it also has its value in treating and preventing many diseases. In this paper, positive effects of practicing Tai Chi Fighting will
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Tai Chi fighting is generally considered as a combination of slow moves and it seems does burn much energy from your body. However, practicing Tai Chi fighting actually helps you build your muscle strength and improve the flexibility and balance of your body.
In order to prove that practicing Tai Chi will help people build their muscle strength, a group of researchers from Stanford University conducted an experiment in a 2006 and published their results in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. People who take part in the experiment are 39 men and women with average age 66. They are reported to have below-average fitness and at least one cardiovascular risk factor. Then the researcher offer them a 12 week long Tai Chi classes. After finishing the training, both are lower-body strength (measured by how quickly they can rise from a chair within 30 seconds) and upper-body strength (measured how well they can finish arm curls) are showed to have been
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