Theories In Human Science

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Theory is a conception based in recognition and understanding of significant factors, which shapes reality, but what does it mean? It is stated that theories are connected with our environment and surrounding and with diverse factors which creates them. Theories are concerned about understanding of the world by the people and identification of it. Theories is natural sciences deal with the unknown in the area of nature, physical world and on the other hand human sciences are connected with question of human nature and acts.
One of the famous and important psychology experiments was designed by the Stanley Miligram. Obedience to supervisors without asking
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Without it focusing on important variables, measurements and adequate method would be very complicated or even impossible. The importance of those could be shown on the basis of simple experiments with planting beans. When our theory is about connection between water and plants that will grow, all we had to do is to set an experiment which involves two pots with grains and one will be watering twice a day and one not. Results will lead us to simple conclusion, that water is essential for plants to grow. Without the theory conducing the experiment could be a mistake in many places, like the oil would be used instead of water or watering will took place once in a week. In those mentioned situations the experiments will be failure because of the lack, or not enough specific…show more content…
Concern is put on the another type of world, world of humans and material world. Next, the aim of both areas is put in the different course, in the example of the human sciences it is more about understanding and in the natural sciences the predictions for the future developments and discoveries. The facts in natural sciences are independent of human beings and in the humans sciences facts are created by humans. Knowledge produced by the sciences is also contrasting because in the natural sciences the knowledge which was made is unchanged and in the human sciences knowledge changes over the times and with the development of human being, even if some results are constant. What is more, the knowledge in natural sciences is produced because of its value, it is the knowledge worth knowing, and the human sciences are more involved in the predictions and speculation. Other key factor present in the human sciences is ethics. Ethics is the most important in the process of designing theory, experiment and observation, and in the natural sciences the ethics is not as

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