Theories In Nursing And Self-Care Theory Of The Nursing Theory

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Nursing is a profession that started as part of the larger medical field. Nursing has dropped its dependence on the medical field and it has grown independent with its models and separate interventions. Many nursing leaders have devised different theories to fit into the nursing field. There are some different nursing theories that encompass the nursing theory. The need theory, unitary human theory, self-care theory, interpersonal theory, transcultural nursing, and from novice to expert theories are all nursing theories. I will briefly discuss them and give three leadership theories. Need theory by Henderson is dependent on the career of the nursing, nursing is associated with progressive healing whereby the patient is inducted into continuous…show more content…
Anybody needs a nurse hence the development of the need theory. Unitary human beings theory by Rogers believes that a person should be harmonized with the environment so that the person may attain maximum health potential. Self-care theory by Orem explains that a healthy person should have wholeness of the human structures, mental and body functioning. Her nursing theory suggested that as much as people seek for nursing attention from the experts, they first start their nursing with themselves and nurse their family members. Neumann’s system model theory looks at the environmental stressors, and the nurses try to retain and maintain the patients’ health through maintaining the patients’ system fit with the environmental system. The first step of nursing is to make sure the stressors are removed, and if the stressors cannot be abolished, then the nurse should look for ways to get the client’s structure and maintain their wellness. Peplau’s interpersonal theory shows that nurse/patient’s relations to grow through identification, orientation, exploitation, and resolution whereby their…show more content…
Some three main leadership theories can be incorporated in the nursing field. There is the grand man theory, the trait theory, and the transformational theory. Thomas Carlyle in the Great Man theory states that leadership is for the people who are born to be great. Leaders are predominantly identified with their acts and accomplishments. For someone to fit in the nursing leadership slot, they should show their competence and purpose to serve in the higher positions (Spector, 2016). Trait theory is an expansion of the grand man theory by defining what makes a leader great. A great leader should show honesty, competence, courage, intelligence broadmindedness and inspire. A great leader should also be forward-looking, imaginative and straightforward. If anyone possesses these traits, they are thought to have been born with the characteristics. Trait theory states that leaders are born, and they are not made. Everyone has the personality that can give them leadership positions. With the right condition, anyone can be a good leader (Colbert, et al.
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