Evolution Of Management Theory Essay

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Management is the process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling the limited resources efficiently and effectively to achieve goals and objectives in an ever-changing business environment. It is also accessed as a mechanism of creative problem solving which is carried out through the above mentioned main four functions of management. The very first known idea of management was recorded in 500B. C use at that time Sumerian traders advance written records.
They recorded about their government and commercial use in those written recordings. But there are some proofs that prove management was implicated in different ways in early history. The evolution of management theory means how people tackle with the issues of relationships at
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Those are some formal examples to management theory and below topics will be discussed about the several formal approaches to management theory. (www.historyofmanagement.com)
6 | P a g e 3.1. Classical Approach (1800-1920)
Classical approach of management declares that the body of management thoughts based on the belief that employees have only economical and physical needs and the social needs and need for job satisfaction either does not exist or are unimportant. So this can be gained by management theoretical research to improve the management art which is an essential requirement. The qualities of managers can be sharpened by on the job training and formal education in business schools to develop them and also according to the managers’ experiences in several business organizations, the principles or the guidelines can be originated. When those principles which are fundamental truths engaged in various organizations, it can be resulted in an improvement in the efficiency of management. In this classical theory, peoples’ basic motivation lies in encouragements, rewards and penalties. Also, this approach is a convenient framework for
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