Theories: Observational Learning And Associative Learning

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Learning: learning is a mandatory skill that is needed for every single person in the world. No one simply just knows something right off the bat, most of everything must be learned. They’re many types of learning techniques; each person has their own learning style. According, not every skill is learned in the classroom, some skills are just acquired through life’s experiences. There are many theories concerning the matter of learning; this essay will discuss two very popular theories, Observational learning and associative learning. The observational learning and associative learning theories are the result of genius; they shed a light on the previously shadowed subject of learning.
The observational learning theory is the product of the acclaimed psychologist Albert Bandura (Gold Medal Award)(Psychology by Rice University 2014). His theory was that people learn through observation (Psychology by Rice University 2014). He believed that people learn through mimicking (Psychology by Rice University 2014). His theory consisted of four basic steps (Psychology by Rice University 2014). Here is each step of observational learning followed by its definition and reason: Attention, retention, reproduction, and finally motivation(Psychology by Rice University 2014). In order to reproduce a skill you must first pay attention that skill being demonstrated (Psychology by Rice University 2014). Second, you must commit the skill and steps involved in it to memory (Psychology by Rice

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