Theories Of Amazon

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Amazon Leadership theory Based on Blake & Mouton 's Management Grid, Amazon adopts the task management. This shows that Amazon shows high concern for production such as the standard of work employees produce rather than their concern for the employees. Some employees voice out their feelings of being criticized severely from all the non-stop demands. Moreover, they are pressurised of achieving high standards set by Amazon. An example would be from a former database administrator of Amazon. She said that she will start crying on every Sunday nights and her husband will spend hours listening to her stories about her work days. One of the company’s guidelines for behaviour is “vocally self-critical”. This mean that employees are encouraged to criticize themselves so that they can find out their mistakes and the possibilities for improvement. Therefore, some senior employees were worried that the company will not listen to those employee who had felt bruised. Hence, this has proved that Amazon shows high concern for the standards of the employees produced rather than their concern for the employees. Leadership style or behavior Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos is a visionary leader. He has created a long-term vision for his company. He will introduce this vision to his new employees on first day of work. The company’s vision is to continue expand globally. Also, a wide range of products will be available for the customers to choose from, or even everything customer needed
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